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Glass Workshops
 •   The Glory Hole & Pattern Bar

Lisa Helps Richard with Punty Rod

With Guest Instructor
Richard LaLonde

Soap Dish by
Susannah Orenstein
First up in the day: Designing our bars. Using 1/2" wide strips we construct a block of glass with a distinct pattern and load them in the kiln. While the bars are heating to a tack fuse (just enough to stick together) we move onto using the "coffee can" furnace holes to create, glass stringer, twisted cane and other sorts of loops and twists of glass. This part of the day is fun in itself, and everything is usable in future projects. Soon the kiln full of bars is ready. Using a punty rod, capped with a tip of molten glass, we will "pick up" our bundled glass strips and quickly transfer them to a larger glory hole. Here-in a pre-curser to glassblowing - we will melt our pattern bar to a almost molten state - turning and twirling the rod at all times - getting it all floppy and gooey. Along the way we quench it and your partner shapes it with wooden paddles on the marver. When it's properly hot and shaped we pull it out, swing the rod back and forth and cause the glass to strrreetttch. It cools rapidly and we break it off the punty rod then quickly transfer it back to a 2nd kiln for annealing. This is a very exiting, fast fun process. This process results in your original design being miniaturized down into beautiful, unique pattern bars. Later the bar is sliced with a diamond saw and the "buttons of glass" are yours for future glass projects. Richard will even pass out plans and discuss building your own glory hole. Photographic slides will add to this complete workshop. All glass, tools, hot glass equipment will be supplied. This is a very fun and unique day at rattarart! Open to any level glass worker.

Bars Ready to Tack Fuse
    • No previous glass
      experience needed
    • $Based on Teacher Fee
    • 7 hours
    • Lots of Action
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The Glory Hole
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